Welcome to Fun Fearless Foodie, a source for recipes, cooking techniques, and food fueled culture inspired by my passion for good food and sharing it with others.

My philosophy about food and cooking is simple, it should taste good and reflect your personality.  

Experimenting with food and flavors has long been an escape for me from the day to day grind, I love the instant gratification cooking gives you.

In my experience trying new dishes I found that I never had all the ingredients or tools the recipe called for but wanted to try it anyway, and found out that not following the rules can be fun AND tasty!

If you let your senses be your guide you can create something delicious out of any random assortment of ingredients.

I was recently blessed with one of those life changing experiences that forces you to re-evaluate your life and made the decision to pursue what I love instead of working away at something that didn’t fulfill me.

After working on this blog for the last year I have grown tremendously passionate and enthralled in foodie culture and sharing my adventures with anyone who will listen.

I realized that my calling in life was staring me straight in the face all this time. So I made one of the easiest decisions i’ve ever made and applied to go to culinary school at the French Culinary Institute (FCI) in New York City.

I’m currently a student at FCI, training to become a chef as apart of their culinary arts program and expect to graduate in March, 2011.

In the meantime, I am exploring the sites, tastes, and smells of New York City, pursuing a career as a food writer and media maven, and learning as much as I possibly can about how food, flavors, and techniques work together.

It’s these adventures that fuel my passion and create the stories that I share here on Fun Fearless Foodie. Thank you for finding my blog and I appreciate the support of my friends, family and readers and would love to hear any of your thoughts or ideas!

I know that life is not always simple, but I do know that with strength, courage and a borderline obsessive passion for making something happen, you can do what you love.  Life is too short not to.

Bon appetit!

Kathleen W. Miller